Création et refonte de site web

Creating a website is necessary to develop your business. It is necessary to consider its visual aspect in order to attract customers: a site dealing with car tuning cannot have the same display as a finance site.

Web hosting and development

Web hosting is an essential step in web development to ensure storage space management.

Choosing the right CMS

What type of CMS should I choose to create a website?

The CMS or Content Management System is a software that facilitates the creation, modification and management of the contents of a website. It allows the creation of a website, whether simple or complex, for amateurs and professionals alike. It is important to know that you should not choose a CMS according to its popularity, but according to its correspondence with your projects. You must therefore take into account: the type of website, your technical skills, the functionalities you want and the evolution of the site in question: whether it is a tourism site, a cars website, a cultural site…

The benefits of video

Video marketing: the secrets of a successful live stream

It is good to know that: 58% of companies have understood that at events it is important to do live streams, 68% consider the importance of videos in the marketing strategy and 64% of companies do lives on social networks. These figures demonstrate the success of live videos in the field of entrepreneurship. Moreover, the benefits are real. Live videos allow spontaneous and human exchanges with your community. It humanises your marketing strategy and is easily accessible.

SEO optimization

Web and content optimization




After creating your website, you now need to optimize it, i.e. improve its visibility in a search engine as it was the case for the Planet Car website. This can be done thanks to web referencing tools. Among them, the SEO which evolves in parallel with the updates of the engine: it is the natural referencing. Then there is SEA, similar to SEO, but the only difference is that it is paid. Finally, SMO is social referencing, which consists of attracting visitors to the web page.

Develop your brand image and awareness online

Social Selling

E-commerce: how to sell on social networks?

Indeed, it is quite possible to sell your products on social networks like Facebook or Instagram. The first essential thing to do is to invest in advertising to attract followers. When you have buyers, redirect them to landings pages, then connect with them through hashtags, likes, comments, etc. It is also sometimes necessary to offer exclusive discounts and add a sense of urgency to the offer to speed up the sale. And most importantly, use chatbots.

User Experience

Improve the user experience of your interfaces

The UX or User Experience refers to the experience that the customer has when consuming a product. It is therefore essential to listen to your users in order to satisfy them and thus get a head start on the competition. It is an aspect that only aims at the good and the perfection of your website. Parallel to it, there is the UI or User Interface which aims rather at improving the interaction between the machine and the human on the platform. The user interface makes it easier for users to navigate a site. The UI is therefore related to design, as the aim is to attract users by organising the graphic and textual elements, which will also optimise the UX.